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Tim Ryan April 11, 2011

It was a fantastic trip with the students from Catholic Central and West Catholic High Schools.  God always knows who to send on these trips because they all worked well together and each one made a difference in someone’s life in Haiti.  There were many experiences that they will not soon forget.  While coming down the mountain one day we were greeted by about 100 people on the road.  These people were part of a Ra Ra which can be one of two things in Haiti.  It can be a Voodoo practice or a celebration in anticipation of Easter.  This particular Ra Ra was a celebration of Lent.  What they do is surround the cars while playing music and if you wish to pass you need to make a small donation.  It was a lot of fun and safe being that I knew most of the people in the crowed.  Several of the team member’s blogged about having a little diarrhea.  No one was sick from the water but more from a change of diet.  We had spaghetti for breakfast and rice/beans for supper.   You can always tell when a team as bonded when you have conversations about diarrhea.  As soon as they landed in Miami they were able to get back on there healthy diet of hamburgers and French fries.  Once again, it was a great team and I look forward to leading the next.  God Bless this exceptional team and the people of Haiti.

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