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Tim Ryan – April 26, 2011

Every time I go to Haiti at least one thing will happen that makes me realize that I am doing the right thing.  Tilus my friend and interpreter approached Dr. Mike Bergquest and me separately with a problem that he needed help with.  His wife was having some health issues and was in need of a hysterectomy.   Tilus was very concerned that this operation could not be done in Haiti without major concerns for his wife.  Those who have been to Haiti would mostly agree with Tilus’s assessment.  However, his wife is 39 years old and most hospitals in the states are more willing to offer their services for free if the patient is a child.  I assured Tilus that when I was back home that I would check to see if someone would help but really felt it would turn out to be a dead end.  This isn’t the first request for help with a health problem from someone in Haiti and if our teams or the hospitals can’t help then prayers are the only thing I can offer and to someone who is desperate they would like to hear more from me.  And to be real honest it is hard leaving knowing someone needs more then what Haiti can offer and knowing I can’t help.

So, God got involved!  We were at Matthew 25 and Mary Ann Vicini was outside talking to doctor who was leaving for the airport.  She came inside and was telling Dr. Mike and me about this doctor and that his team would be back in Haiti to perform surgeries the first of May.  What kind of surgeries you ask, Hysterectomies.  At this time Mike and I were not aware that Tilus had asked both of us for help so it seemed that both of us started talking at the same time.  To make this story even better, sitting next to me at the table was Kathy, a nurse that was on the doctors medical team who knew how to get ahold of the doctor.  We starting doing some power networking and have just learned that Tilus’s wife is on the schedule for May 2, 2011 to have her operation.

It’s all God Driven!

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