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Tim Ryan (Jan 2010 team member)

Not sure what to say because there is not enough space here to tell you everything that is on my mind.  What I can say with confidence is that this team made a difference while in Haiti.  They saw over 6,500 patients who were in need of trauma care, bandages changed, primary care, and comfort to those that just needed to know that they were okay.  We also transferred close to 25 patients who needed specialized care. 

Some of you have asked how did you deal with what you saw?  It’s true there are some patients that I will never forget and some images that will be with me the rest of my life.   However, God only let me see what he knew I could handle.

I am thankful to everyone that helped put this team together.  I am thankful to the members of this team for going and making a difference.  I am thankful for those that prayed for the success of this team.  I am thankful for the Holy Spirit Haiti committee members that wanted to go but couldn’t.  I am thankful for Mary LaPonsie.  I am thankful Paula, Kelly and Colleen let me do this kind of work.  Most of all, I am thankful that God helps me to make sense of it all and encourages me to go back!

Now we start planning for the next trip.

God Bless you and the People of Haiti!


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