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Tuesday, April 3rd

mary annMary Ann Vicini: Today was one of my favorite days. We spent the morning and early afternoon down at the school painting with the pre school kids and then handing out over 500 packets of goodies that the students in Holy Spirit School made for the kids. We had a classroom of over 85 preschool kids that were so patient and quiet while waiting for their packet. The smiles that we see when we give the kids their packet and bag is priceless, this is why we come, bringing hope and joy to over 500 kids in one day. It doesn’t get much better than that. Leah played a game of ring around the rosie and hokey pokey with the kids, it was very special for me to see as her Mom…… Life is good in Seguin, the kids on this trip are awesome, thanks for sharing them with us this week. See you all soon, love ME…..

alexAlex Lankfer: Hiiiiii, today we gave bags packed by kids at Holy Spirit with stuff for each kid at the school here in Seguin. It was one of my favorite parts because I love being able to give things to the kids and see them smile. We were in the courtyard though for like 4 hours waiting for the gifts to be organized, but it didn’t seem that long because we could play with the kids and take pictures with them every time they asked “photo?” After that we came home to pack the trucks and go put tarps over the locals corn husk homes so that when it rains they don’t get soaked. It’s really cool to be able to help them out with something I take for granted at home and seeing how happy it makes them. I also almost bought a puppy from a family whose dog had just gave birth to a litter of 8 for “one dolla,” which I thought was a good deal but I didn’t buy it so don’t worry, Mom. See you all in a bit! Xoxoxo

leighLeah Vicini: Mr. Ryan really likes to make me climb all over the mountains to do tarps. I am exhausted, but my adopted little sisters make everything worth it. Today I had the opportunity to ride in the car with them and the pure joy on their face made me realize how much I take for granted. So many times I get right into the car without any thought as to how lucky I am. Life is good. Love you all.

alexAlex Lankfer: Hi again I forgot to tell you about the little girls Leah talked about. They are my princesses, I love them and they’re always happy even though the boys bully them. They never ask for anything, while the boys are always asking for the shorts I’m wearing or cookies from inside, which I understand but it makes me want to give that much more to the little girls (and boys) that don’t ask even though they’re also in need. That’s all, bye!

mary2Mary Hanks: Wilsons- Meghan says hi and will blog tomorrow. She does love you and miss you tons! * Today felt like 4 days! We started out going down to the school and handing out ponchos and the bags of goodies packed by the Holy Spirit children. After we grabbed a little lunch, we headed up into the countryside and tarped a bunch of houses once again. Whomever was in Will’s (interpreter) car got the raw end of the deal as he was picked to go on some hikes as the housing is not roadside. Once again we had many people come to us pointing to where they lived and needed a tarp. I have so many pictures and cannot wait to share them. * Tomorrow will be our last day in Seguin. It is hard to believe time has gone by but yet it seems like we’ve been here longer than 3 days. * The young boys who hang out at the rectory must know it will soon be time for us to leave as they are making deals for your stuff. They quietly say “you” and when you look… ”shoes” as they point to yours and then to theirs. Many have shoes where the soles have worn out.
Miss everyone bunches and cannot wait to cuddle with my puppy dogs!

elisabethElizabeth Tietema: So today was so fun! We went to the school and played with all of the school children. We then passed out bags for each kid. The looks on their faces were priceless; they were beaming knowing that they had a few new things that they could call their own. Later in the afternoon we went out to put more tarps on houses. Right now, we are sitting with the interpreters watching a horror movie in French. There is some pretty cheesy acting but it’s funny how terrible it is. Tomorrow we are building 2 latrines. * I miss and love you all!

samSam Terranova: Just another action packed day in Haiti today. It started out bright and early with a walk down to the school to prepare to pass out goodie bags and ponchos for the young preschoolers. Upon arrival in school courtyard a little girl named Jesephel (pardon my spelling) came running up to me and we became friends immediately. It was incredible to see how far a little affection can go with these kids. It seems to make their day. I spent the entire morning carrying her around the school and trying to make her laugh. * After being at the school for an hour and a half or so we made our way into the building to paint with all of the little children. This is when I met Lavato, who I helped paint and played a lot of peek-a-boo with. Smiles is Haiti are infectious. We finished off our time at the school handing out hundreds of gift bags to the students. * Following a quick makeshift lunch we were right back where we left off yesterday; tarping away. We didn’t get quite as many houses done, but we worked just as hard. Seeing the living conditions of some of these Haitians makes me realize that the simple gesture of putting a tarp on the roof of a corn husk house can make a substantial difference. * Tomorrow we will be building a couple of latrines. Not only does more work come with another day, but also much candy sneaking to the kids. Oh, and Anna still has chiggers. Anyway, that’s all for tonight. See you all soon!

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  1. E Tietema!!!!
    I’m so excited that you are having such a great experience! I cannot wait to hear about and see your memories. I think about you everyday and of course get choked up missing you…ok…I get more than choked up 😉

    I’m so proud of you I cannot even stand it! You truly never cease to amaze me E. I love you so much kiddo! Enjoy the rest of your trip…I will be thinking about and praying for you and everyone you impact everyday. (love reading your blogs! Keep ’em coming!)

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