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Water Filters

MiriamMiriam Brooks:  Sitting in the airport, waiting to board our plane home, it is crazy to think my second trip to Haiti is over. Just as I have come to realize about my last trip, the people of Seguin are what I remember most. I loved seeing the look on a mother’s face when we delivered her a water filter. Shy at first, with a cute half-smile, they always warmed up to us and were so proud when they finished explaining how to use the filter. It never ceases to amaze me — how happy the people of Seguin are when we deliver only a tarp or a couple of buckets, or when we smile and wave as we drive past their home. What seems like so little to us, changes their lives immensely. I feel  very blessed to have had a chance to get to know these people and experience their culture!

MaddieMadilyn Pelak:  My first trip to Haiti is coming to a close and right now we are on our way home. Although I had a great time, I can’t wait to see my family. I loved seeing the Haitian people, it’s cute how happy they were to see us delivering the water filters. To many people the water filters may only look like two buckets stacked on top of each other, but to the them it means a better quality of life. I’m happy that I can say I made a difference in someone’s life by helping them get clean water.

StepanieStephanie Kaminski:  Second trip was a success. We are waiting to board our plane now. I’m going to miss this place and I don’t want to leave. However, we did a lot while we were here. I like that we got to bring a lot of families water filters. They can now drink clean water and not just have to drink out of the river anymore. I’m going to miss all the little children just running up and grabbing our hands though. I miss my family and everyone back home, but I wish I could stay here forever.

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