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Wow! What a week!

Dan Kortering: Wow what a week it has been! It’s crazy to think that in 4 days of clinic we were able to see around 1400 patients in St. Jacques! We saw everything from infected draining wounds to severely dehydrated patients. There were even people that walked for over 6 hours to make it to the clinic just to be seen by us. We were tired, sweaty, smelly, and sometimes cranky, but our purpose was still very apparent. These people have little access to any other health care, drink contaminated water, and many only eat one meal a day. Our time there may have been short but I believe that we made a difference in a few lives.


Andrea Faasse: Our time in Haiti has flown by! I am so thankful for the time we have been able to spend here. I didn’t quite know what to expect with this trip, but it has been everything and more than I could have imagined. It was a true privilege to serve with Tim and our group from the States as well as our Haitian translators and doctor. Our team formed a tight bond from the start and became extremely close during the week. We have made friendships with our Haitian friends for life!  Seeing patients who have never seen a doctor or been to a hospital was challenging yet extremely rewarding. I will cherish the time I have spent here in Haiti. This week has been full of laughter, tears, great conversation, beautiful scenery, amazing people, and memories to last a life time. I hope this won’t be my last time in this broken but beautiful place. 


Amy Veltkamp: I’ll keep this short as it’s almost 9:30 here…which is wayyy past our normal bedtime here. This week has been amazing! Working with the people of St. Jacques was such an eye-opening experience. There is so much need in this beautiful community! I will miss the cute old grandpa’s and adorable school-kids so much! Thank you to everyone who supported this mission trip…we are all so thankful to have had this opportunity. Bonnuit! 


Alysse Tefft: Our time spent here has been eye opening and rewarding. After a few long showers, we are all settled in at Wall’s guesthouse and smelling a little fresher after our long week of clinic. We have accomplished so much as a team and as a church. With all of the support that we received, we were able to successfully see and treat around 1400 patients; all of which had unique stories and challenges. Thank you to everyone who has planned, supported, and worked to make this trip possible. Special thanks to Our Lady of Consolation parish, Rays of Hope, PTPA, and individual donors. A HUGE thank you to our gracious host, Father Maxis. Our stay was more than comfortable. I think we all now consider St. Jacques our second home. Blessings to our translators Wes, Tcha-Tcha, Dillian, Hector, Dr. Ceremy Fertil, and of course Patrick. Lastly, big thanks to our fearless leader, Tim Ryan (aka: “Big Mama”). This trip wouldn’t have been possible without him!


Beth Carrier: It’s our last night in Haiti and we’re sitting on the roof balcony of Wall’s Guest House. We’ve set our chairs in the same spot that we sat only seven days ago. Same spot, staring at the same street corner with the same red shirted man standing outside of the building across the street. Looking around everything appears to be the same; but we’re not the same. In only seven days we have all changed. When you’re surrounded with loving, motivated, inspirational people how could you not be changed. I feel extremely blessed to have had this opportunity to be a part of this awesome team with fantastic interpreters and a wonderful doctor. It’s my second time to Haiti, but it was my first time to Saint Jacques and each time I’m amazed by the hospitality shown to us by the Haitian people. Even in the midst of extreme poverty we find loving and joy-filled people who laugh and dance with us. It may sound cliche, but this experience has enriched my life with memories and life long friends. Until next time!

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